Why this book?

This book is UNIQUE because it teaches you how to lose weight PAINLESSLY, HEALTHILY and EFFECTIVELY
without dieting.


What distinguishes MORPH YOURSELF SLIM
from other weight loss books is:

  • it is not concerned with turning people into ‘walking skeletons’, nor is it a faddish diet or trying to promote some exotic seaweed! It takes a much more sensible approach using regular calculation of body mass index to help you reach a healthily balanced weight, and maintain this forever.
  • instead of the usual obsession with losing weight fast (typically a few weeks, which is only enough to get rid of body fluids, and does not achieve real weight loss), this book takes a slow, progressive approach over an entire calendar year – with further suggestions to take you on from there. Month by month readers are taught how to change their lifestyle permanently….
  • gradually changing one’s eating and drinking habits is certainly a core feature of the book, but convenience foods are not entirely banned.
  • in addition gentle, ongoing exercise together with the application of psychological techniques all contribute to this improved lifestyle.
  • the book is written in a chatty, humorous style which makes it enormous fun to read.