Trial Excerpts

Hopefully you have already come to realise that, as weight loss publications go, MORPH YOURSELF SLIM is a one-off with many original features. For those of you who have yet to be convinced, here are some carefully selected extracts that will give you an idea of the kind of reading experience to expect:

“First of all you need to prepare a detailed summary of everything you eat and drink over a typical 3 day period….. The reason for compiling this is to provide you with a long term illustration of the kind of eating and drinking habits that made you overweight in the first place. In months and years to come you will be able to refer back to it, and…..”

Month 1 – F.A.1

“Every overweight person is guilty of ‘mindless consumption’ in some form or other….. If peanuts or other nuts are your thing, do you regularly pour a large serving of the bag contents into your hand, tip your head back and empty the entire portion straight from your hand (or even the bag) into your mouth? Well this behaviour has to stop!!! From now on the drill is one at a time (by all means make them jumbo or coated nuts), but be sure…..”

Month 2 – F.A.2

“Never discard cooking liquids. Whether these emanate from boiling, steaming or microwaving, throwing away these leftovers amounts to no less than a crime in nutritional terms, since it would mean losing all the goodness that they contain – when they can so easily be turned into your own personal (additive-free) vegetable stocks, and used as a base for soups, gravies and sauces etc…”

Month 4 – F.A.2

“Meats (I use the term to include fish and seafood, game, offal, poultry and both red and white meats)….. Yet are hamburgers, sausages, steaks and the occasional chicken wing or slice of bacon/ham the only meats that ever find their way down your digestive tubes? Well shame on you, and it really is time you changed your ways!”

Month 5 – F.A.1

“Cherries have an extremely short growing season which peaks in mid-summer (so you had better avail yourself of some as soon as they appear in your local shops or markets).”

Month 7 – F.A.2

“Leeks will certainly be known to most of you, but have suffered from the same lack of culinary inspiration as this month’s other two vegetables. Well, if this is the case, how about giving them another try….. Now isn’t this (with its subtle oniony flavour and similar texture) far more appealing than what you had come to associate with that poor, forlorn vegetable in the past?”

Month 7 – F.A.3

“Now is the time to put a little more effort into these physical travails. This might involve walking a touch faster than previously (jogging is banned at this stage)…..
I am requesting that you up the tempo and graft a bit harder, but do not overdo things: GENTLY DOES IT”

Month 8 – F.A.2

“It used to be the case that virtually all food and drink products sold in shops contained excessive amounts of artificial ingredients in the shape of ….. However, in recent years many manufacturers have worked hard and succeeded in improving their product formulations….. If you learn to understand product labels and choose wisely, you will discover that there is now a growing choice of ready-made meals, snacks and drinks available…..”

Month 9 – F.A.2

“Some of the weaknesses that you had identified may need modifying (because you have come to understand them better) and you could also have discovered new ones that you want to add in (this is not off limits).”

Month 9 – F.A.3

“As we get older our bones, joints and circulation (to name but a few essential body functions) rely more and more heavily on regular exercise….. many possibilities for exertion that are missed when you carry things out automatically (in a state of semi-oblivion)…..
unthinkingly taking a lift to the next floor (rather than the adjacent stairs)
indulging in some (long overdue?) spring cleaning, which will create many a chance for you to bend and stretch as you…..

Month 10 – F.A.1

“Any of you who have any connection with children and/or schools will not need to be told that now is the season for all the gourds to appear. Marrows, Squash and Pumpkins get hollowed out so that they can be worn as face masks, and candles are inserted to transform them into eye-catching external house lights. Well don’t throw the insides away! They make wonderful soups, and can be included….. They contain some vitamin B² and C, but are mainly comprised of water. However, they provide a useful way of bulking out a meal.”

Month 10 – F.A.3

“Other fascinating products you might explore to give that extra zap to your cooking include artichoke paste, beetroot relish, chilli oil, dried tomatoes, gherkins, harissa….. So no excuse for not experimenting then, even when the vegetables to hand (at this time of the year) can’t exactly be described as inspirational. ADD SOME ZEST!”

Month 11 – F.A.2

“By now you will all be feeling like different people both inside and out. Your digestion will be just one of many internal body functions that is performing more efficiently, and causing you less discomfort. You will be sleeping more soundly, and feeling more confident. No doubt you will have dropped several clothes sizes into the bargain! Well now it is time to treat yourself to a new outfit, which you deserve given your disciplined efforts over this prolonged period…..”

Month 11 – F.A.2

“Standing does not mean choosing half an hour during which you can gaze mindlessly into space. Personally I would see this as several instances lasting just a few minutes, which will cumulatively add up to 30 minutes….. e.g. standing up and donating your seat to someone more in need of it than yourself (in a variety of situations)?”

Month 12 – F.A.1

“Dragon Fruit (otherwise known as Pitaya or Pitahaya) can only be described as of extraordinary visual appearance. Their thick, bright red or yellow outer skin….. By contrast the edible centres are either bright red-purple or….. they are rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and phosphorous.”

Month 12 – F.A.3

“For many cultures an important part of celebrating the year end involves eating and drinking to excess….. On this occasion the mere suggestion of this may fill you with trepidation! ….. Believe me, most people (even those with the most enviably slim figures) put on a bit of weight at this time. However, you can prevent it being too much of a calamity with some careful forethought….. Food and drink will continue to be a source of great pleasure, but in a much more balanced and varied way than was the case in the past….. ENJOY”