Our History

Some time ago, I had a BIG weight problem. For years I tried to lose weight in every imaginable way (remember all of those faddish crash diets that promised a loss of several kilos/stones in 2 to 3 weeks?) to no long term avail. In fact the diets seemed to make my situation worse – and I turned into what was known as a ‘binge dieter’. Without the diets I would have become obese (instead of just severely overweight), but each diet left me feeling so deprived that I reverted straight back to the same old consumption habits!


Our Mission

Eventually, it became clear to me that this constant yo-yo syndrome was having increasingly negative effects on my health, so I abandoned the diets in despair. For a while I put on even more weight but at a slower rate than previously, until things stabilised. Over the next few years, I began analysing my individual eating and drinking habits – learning to focus on identified dietary weaknesses and eradicate them totally or minimise their impact on my overall intake.

This book crystallises my total experience into one compact plan geared towards changing your lifestyle, by taking things month by month over a complete year. Whether one year will be sufficient to get you down to a healthy weight depends on how overweight you were to begin with, but it will be long enough to set you on the right track with a new attitude to eating and drinking for the rest of your life.


Just about anyone can adopt and pursue the principles set out in this guide. The only qualification is that you are mobile and sufficiently broad-minded to experiment with new foods and drinks on an occasional (initially) and increasingly regular basis.

Eating and drinking will remain one of life’s great pleasures. Achieving your weight loss goals will require patience and commitment, but it does not involve any suffering, and your long term efforts will be rewarded.