I am JANICE THOMSON, the writer of this book. My father was English (a Yorkshireman and proud of it eeh by gum !), whilst my mother was Swiss and endowed with all the creative flair that typifies her country of origin. One of her many skills was cooking, and our family was blessed with her imaginative, delectable yet healthy cooking throughout its formative years.

We also spent 6 years living in France and Switzerland, after which (you will not be surprised to hear) I went on to study French and German at Exeter University in South West England. Exeter is the capital city of Devon county, particularly known for its dairy products and scrumpy: a rough, dry and rather strong apple cider that local students have always been quite partial to... This is a period that I shall always remember with the greatest of affection. A three and a half month coach and camping trip from London to Sri Lanka and back followed on from this which, needless to say, broadened my cultural horizons considerably.

Finally, reality (in the shape of financial necessity!) set in, and I began to think about my professional future. Marketing had a certain ring about it and, having completed a Diploma in Marketing, I spent several years working at the research and strategy end before moving over to the creative side – first in advertising then promotion and new product development.

My interest in food first ignited by my mother has remained with me ever since, but was elevated to a higher level when I became Head of Marketing for an organisation called Food And Wine From France. Although based in London, the post involved frequent trips to the French wine regions, regular dining out in top French restaurants, tasting a wide range of cheeses and fresh produce. Despite the obvious temptations that I was subjected to during these privileged times, my weight actually decreased slowly but steadily and I have remained at a stable level ever since. It is this experience that has inspired me to write MORPH YOURSELF SLIM.

Last but my no means least let me give credit to HOWARD (my patient, loving husband and resident computer expert – fortunately for me he originally studied computer sciences and physics) who has been on call to sort things out on the numerous occasions when I have crashed the computer!!! Yes truly, without his technical and emotional support, my efforts to write this weight loss book would never have come to fruition.